Colburn and Son Insurance Agency in Sac City Iowa Colburn and Son Insurance, specializing in farm and dog breeders insurance
115 S. 5th Street
PO Box 219
Sac City, Iowa 50583-0219

Equine insurance is our special niche! We have markets for the following and more:

  • Commercial equine property and liability
  • Personal equine liability
  • Care, custody, and control
  • Horse mortality and major medical
  • Horse association liability
  • Fidelity bonds for association offices
  • Horse show spectator liability

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115 S. 5th Street, PO Box 219
Sac City, Iowa 50583-0219
Telephone:  712-662-4776 or 1-800-427-2504
Telefax:  712-662-4779

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Dog Breeders Insurance :

We have an excellent insurance package for dog breeders!

Dog breeders have special insurance needs. Insure your kennels, personal property, dogs, and liability.

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